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Events @ OEC

Osseo Education Center students visit Springbrook Nature Center

Osseo Education Center students recently participated in a field trip to the Springbrook Nature Center. Students and teachers were able to get up close and personal with a variety of animals and learn more about how they live and eat. 

The students from the OEC learned about the difference between reptiles, mammals and amphibians as well as the difference between reptiles and humans. In the different classrooms, students got to see a real snake skin that had been shed and an old turtle shell, made bracelets, dressed up as a snapping turtle and participated in an activity to learn about how snakes lose their skin. 

The students also had the opportunity to see live animals up close, including a snake, snapping turtle and frog. Students could ask questions about the animal and see how it interacted with humans, even getting to pet a snake if they wanted to. 

Osseo Education Center students participate in Boundary Waters activities

Students at the Osseo Education Center recently participated in an all-school event in partnership with the outdoor programs Friends of the Boundary Waters and Wilderness Inquiry. Students were exposed to various activities and skills development.

At various stations throughout the day, the students learned all about the Boundary Waters, including what kind of animals live there, how to use a compass, how to make meals while staying there and the stars that you can see there. The students also worked as a team to put together a tent and learn how to portage a canoe. 

OEC students participate in Friday Dance Party

Each Friday after lunch, students and staff members participate in a dance party, dancing to some of their favorite songs in a great way to celebrate the end of the week!

OEC students build a fall cookie house village

During a Friday third hour Community Experience activity, students had the chance to show off their creativity by working with their Prepare classmates to build a fall cookie house village!