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Feedback shared on the summer Safe Learning Plan survey

Feedback shared on the summer Safe Learning Plan survey

From June 10-21, students, parents/caregivers and staff had the opportunity to participate in a survey to share their thoughts on the district’s Safe Learning Plan for the summer. The plan was developed with COVID-19 guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education, which included recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It addresses the importance of staying home when sick, maintaining proper hygiene practices, continuing a disinfection protocol, and more.

A total of 19 community members participated in the survey, and a majority of those participants were parents or caregivers. There were a range of themes in the responses including those that had a desire for all restrictions to be lifted, which was the feeling of the majority of respondents. A smaller group of respondents were concerned that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t available for students under 12. 

Osseo Area Schools remains committed to maintaining a safe and healthy school environment. The district’s COVID-19 team plans to fully review the survey results and consider adjustments while continuing to adhere to state and federal requirements. 

Please keep in mind that the survey results are unscientific as the sample size isn’t large enough or representative of the school district.

Summer 2021 Safe Learning Plan