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All schools and programs to return to in-person learning on Monday, Jan. 24 as planned



Thank you for your continued partnership and flexibility during this challenging time. This temporary transition to online learning would not have been possible without each and every one of you stepping up to help. Your gracious efforts are very much appreciated. 

 As a parent myself, I know that most of our scholars learn best in person and that is what all of us at Osseo Area Schools have been strenuously working toward. During our online learning shift, staff and student absences have improved as well as our operational capabilities. This progress forward has made it possible for the district to return its scholars to in-person learning on Monday, Jan. 24 as planned. Please note that Monday, Jan. 31 will be an online learning day as previously scheduled. Scholars will be expected to work on pre-posted learning activities via Seesaw or Schoology as teachers will be attending professional development that day. Regular in-person learning will once again resume on Tuesday, Feb. 1. 

It’s our hope that any future learning model shifts will be minimal. Illness and absence levels, as well as operational needs, will continue to be reviewed to determine if any future shifts to online learning are needed. Changes will be done on a school by school basis unless a majority of the district is impacted. Families will be notified at least a day in advance of any such shift whenever possible. I’d encourage you to set up a family plan now to be prepared. Also know that every effort is being made to avoid adjustments. 

Please take a moment to review the following important details: 

  • Elementary, middle and high schools, including special education programs: In-person learning will be held from Jan. 24-28. Online learning will be held on Monday, Jan. 31. In-person learning will then continue on Tuesday, Feb. 1. 

  • Early learning programs: In-person learning will be held from Jan. 24-28. Online learning will be held on Monday, Jan. 31. In-person learning will then continue on Tuesday, Feb. 1. 

  • Kidstop and Four Star Express: School age care will resume in-person services Jan. 24-28 and be open for pre-registered families Jan. 31. In-person services will continue onward. 

  • Buses will begin running their regular schedule on Monday, Jan. 24. Please have a family plan in place as routes also have the possibility of being delayed or canceled in the months ahead. Take a look at the transportation FAQ page for more information.

  • Social-emotional support continues to be available for students. Please talk with your classroom teacher(s), counselor or administrator for details on how to access services.  

There are also a few important COVID-19 reminders to share:

  • Mitigating the transmission of COVID-19 in our schools and communities is a layered effort. Please take the first step by reviewing the district’s health screening questions each day with your student(s). 

  • On Jan. 7, the district’s COVID-19 isolation and quarantine protocol was changed to align with guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

  • Families have another opportunity to order an additional COVID-19 rapid test kit for each of their students. Note that the kit must be picked up by tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 21. Details were shared by schools earlier this week. Free tests are also being distributed by the U.S. government via

  • Regular COVID-19 testing is strongly encouraged for all students and staff. 

  • Free vaccines continue to be available for persons five and older. Information is online via Hennepin County Public Health and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). $200 Visa gift cards are being given to Minnesota families who get their 5-11 year old children fully vaccinated in January and February.

  • Details on all our mitigation efforts are shared on the COVID-19 Hub.

Osseo Area Schools continues to have openings for substitutes. If you’re interested and meet the eligible criteria, please apply online at

This remains an unpredictable situation. Understandably, our leadership team only has a limited amount of information to work with in determining future needs. The input shared by students, parents/caregivers and staff are helpful additions to the process. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your continued support. I wholeheartedly appreciate all that you, your family and our communities are doing to make the best of these times.


Best regards, 

Cory McIntyre